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Section Index:
I. Who We Are (Oath of the Guard and Statement of Purpose)
II. Becoming a Member
III. Remaining a Member (Guidelines)
IV. Beyond the Call of Honor (Promotion)
V. Levels of Honor (Complete Rank List)
VI. Maintaining Honor (Demotion / Expulsion)

I. Who We Are (Oath of the Guard and Statement of Purpose)

Oath before Order.
Need before Greed.
Never will we fall,
Our honor above all.

The Ancient Guard is a Casual Alliance Guild on the Kirin Tor server. We are gathered under the belief that collective enjoyment of the game, and an enjoyable fellowship, are more valuable than all other types of gameplay.

The only rule in this guild is honor, since the only way to truly enjoy yourself in a group is to be laid back and respect others' share of the fun.

To this end, we will not force any members to take part in any specific type of gameplay. We will strive to maintain a stable, enjoyable Guild environment in which characters of all levels and origins are welcome, as well as players of all types and skill levels.

We invite all who would join us in this cause to be a part of our Guild. As the Oath of the Guard implies, members will be expected to show honor, kindness, and decency to their Guildmates without being coerced to do so (Oath before Order, Need before Greed).

World of Warcraft is a game, and we are all here to enjoy it. The Ancient Guard is hereby founded upon the idea that the game should be enjoyed in good company. So long as the company is true, there is no reason for which we should fade.

Signed into law,
Ancient Shadownight
July 25, 2006

II. Becoming a Member

Recruitment is open to all levels of World of Warcraft characters. We welcome anyone, from trial adventurers to seasoned veterans, so long as they show respect for our purpose and our foundations.

Anyone wishing to join should visit the forums (the link is plainly visible from this website) and take just a few minutes to put in an application. You don't have to register for the forums, and a further explanation for why we use applications at all can be found therein.

In short, the application process is our way of saying "We accept you." But you must also accept us, or the entire process would simply be forced patronization.

All newly accepted members are unranked "Potentials," free to enjoy the company of the Guild and participate in any activity to which the Guild welcomes them. To become a full member, ranked as a Cohort, one must simply speak the four lines of the Oath of the Guard to a member of the High Council, or to the Ancient directly, at any time they are ready to do so.

Oathtakers will be asked if they have read the charter, as all members are required to do so before taking their oath. As such, taking the Oath of the Guard is also giving your word that you are making an informed decision. We believe this makes the decision to join the Guild a mutual, amicable choice, in keeping with the ideals we are founded upon.

Note: During times of overly rapid growth, the Guild leadership may see fit to revoke recruiting priveleges until the Guild stabilizes.

Revised - February 17, 2007

III. Remaining a Member (Guidelines)

As the Ancient Guard is not an overly serious Guild, we have very few expectations of our members other than to enjoy the game and the Guild in an honorable manner.

This means that the best way to stay in good standing is just to have a great time. Helping a Guildmate in need, making items for the Guild, and just plain interacting with the Guild are great ways to make people warm up to you.

This also means that swearing, trash-talking of other players, excessive loss of temper, arrogance, bigotry, and other forms of disrespectful behavior are discouraged.

Simply put, there are better ways to have fun than at the expense of others.

Members who fail to uphold this simple expectation of honor and decency toward all players will be either removed or demoted from their current standing at the discretion of the Guild leadership. As stated previously, the only rule here is honor. Follow this rule, for those failing to do so diminish the good name and good intentions of our Guild.

IV. Beyond the Call of Honor (Promotion)

Those who go beyond the Ancient Guard's call of honor by demonstrating loyalty or good will in some form will be rewarded with promotions. This is meant to encourage all members of the Guild to participate in order to earn prestige and the respect of their comrades in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding.

There are several tiers of low-level Guild membership: Potential, Cohort, Soldier, Legionaire, and Centurion. Cohorts and above may invite new Potentials to the Guild, and subsequent ranks may be reached either through increasingly good behavior or through recruitment. Everyone that takes the Oath of the Guard to become a Cohort will be asked who their recruiter was, so that everyone gets due credit.

Those reaching the rank of Centurion are granted low-level Officer's priveleges, but are not obligated to participate actively in Guild leadership.

When an outstanding Centurion is chosen for promotion, they may choose to be a Warden, an Oracle, or a Champion.. Each of these three "midranks" has additional Officer's priveleges, and is considered within the leadership of the Guild.

Above these ranks are the highest positions of the Guild, which in times of swelling membership may include a High Council to assist the Guild Leader, known as the Ancient.

Revised for clarity - Sep 21 2006

V. Levels of Honor (Complete Rank List)

Standard Ranks:
Potentials are any players who has been accepted into the Guild. They are allowed one month to determine whether they want to stay, at which point they must take their Oath to be promoted to Cohort. This is meant to help all Oathtakers to fully appreciate the words they are speaking by giving them the time to make the final decision on their own.

Cohort (Requirements: Oathswearing)
A Cohort is a Potential who has sworn themselves to the Oath of the Ancient Guard, the starting rank as an official member of the Guild. The Oath can be taken at any point after entering the Guild, and is as simple as reciting its four short lines to the Ancient or any member of the High Guard, even without prior warning.

Soldier (Requirements: Cohort with good behavior)
A Soldier is a Cohort who has demonstrated the first strands of loyalty to the Ancient Guard through good sportsmanship, assisting his fellow Guardians, and general good nature toward his brothers and sisters in arms. Earn the respect of your Guild, and you will earn the rank of Soldier.

Legionaire (Requirements: Soldier with outstanding behavior)
Legionaires have consistently demonstrated devotion to their comrades that stands above that of other Soldiers. Legionaires are selected before every meeting by the Officers (ranked Centurion and above), ensuring plentiful chances of such deserving behavior being noticed.

Centurion (Requirements: Legionaire with exemplary behavior)
A Centurion holds the rank of a first-tier Guild Officer, and is thereby granted full access to Officer's chat as well as to Officer's notes. To be a Centurion means that the Guardian has conducted themselves in such a way that sets an example for Guild conduct and hence naturally places them in a leadership position. Centurions have no special responsibilities, but are welcome to use the new tools at their disposal to assist in the leadership and stability of the Guard, which include access to help discuss Guild applicants.

Specialized Ranks:
Warden (Requirements: Centurion with favor of the Ancient or of a majority of the High Council)
A Centurion chosen for promotion may choose to become a Warden of the Ancient Guard. This is for Centurions who wish to have a specialization in maintaining order within the Guild, including disciplining lower ranks for behavior unbecoming of a Guardian. To this end, Wardens are granted access to editing public notes and the MOTD.

Oracle (Requirements: Centurion with favor of the Ancient or of a majority of the High Council)
A Centurion chosen for promotion may choose to become an Oracle, rather than a Warden. An Oracle is a position for those who enjoy supporting those lower in level than themselves with quests and exploration, or with guidance for new adventurers. Typically, this position is ideal for a Centurion who has shown a great deal of tenacity for going out of their way for their fellow Guardians' sakes. Oracles can edit the MOTD in addition to priveleges already granted as a Centurion.

Champion (Requirements: Centurion with favor of the Ancient or of a majority of the High Council)
A Champion is a promoted Centurion who has decided that they work best for the Guild by going out and kicking ass in the name of the Ancient Guard. They are tried and true leaders on the battlegrounds and the wild frontier, exemplary Guardians and true warriors in their own right who have chosen not to specialize in the more technical leadership styles of overseeing Guild behavior or acting as guide to lower levels.

Leadership Ranks:
High Council (Requirements: Specialized Rank and favor of the Ancient)
To become a Member of the High Council is a rare and honored promotion. Such prestige can only be reached by time-tested, mature, consistent, and dedicated contribution to the Ancient Guard in one form or another. To be on the Council means full access to all Guild Control priveleges, something that could only be entrusted to someone whom the Ancient feels is capable of leading the Guild at the highest level. Members of the High Council can use majority votes to decide on any promotion or demotion among the non-specialized ranks of the Ancient Guard, as well as decide to remove any such non-specialized member for misbehavior. Abuse of these priveleges to act for one's own purposes is considered a capital offense, and will result in demotion back to the Council member's former rank.

The Ancient is the leader of the Guild, able to act on his or her own to ensure the Guild's stability and continuity. The Word of the Ancient is enough to override any decision by the High Council, but at the same time, it is the Ancient's duty to consider the Word of the Council in all leadership decisions. Such a position of absolute power can only be maintained with the absolute faith of the Officers underneath the Ancient, just as the Officer's positions can only be maintained with the absolute faith of all Guild members. Therefore, this faith is to be nurtured and respected by the Ancient at all times. Should the Ancient ever require replacement, full approval of the High Council to promote one of their members to the position, as well as the favor of the outgoing Ancient, is required.

VI. Maintaining Honor (Demotion / Expulsion)

Let us restate that this is a game. Therefore, if the Ancient Guard takes itself too seriously, it will ruin the fun of the game. However, certain measures must be enforced in order to maintain the mutual enjoyability of the Guild by all members.

In short, no matter how hard we try to be nice, bad apples must occasionally be dealt with.

There are to be no rigid procedures on what will get you demoted and/or expelled from the Guild. Behavior unbecoming of a member of the Ancient Guard may be among, but is not limited to, the following:

- Excessive loss of temper toward the game or toward Guildmates
- Excessive vulgarity / obscenity either publicly or in Guild chat
- Arrogance / bigotry either publicly or in Guild chat
- Any use of racial, ethnic, religious, or otherwise discriminatory slurs
- Insensitivity / Cruelty toward other Guildmates or players
- Disrespectful conduct in the field (Killstealing, putting Greed before Need)

The above are examples of behavior that would dishonor both yourself and the Ancient Guard. Depending on the severity of any given dishonor, a member may be demoted in rank or expelled from the Guild at the discretion of Guild leadership. The Ancient and the High Council will do their utmost to see that said discretion is fair and just.